Orange DLS offers its customers a complete range of fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. The Dutch offering is supplemented by imports from all over the world. Imported products are citrus, stone & exotic fruits and vegetables, but may also include products when they are out of season in The Netherlands during certain months of the year, such as cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, etc.

Orange DLS has an extensive network of selected growers, importers and exporters from all over the world.

Our daily pricelist gives a good indication of what we can offer you, but please do not hesitate to call us if a product is not on this list. We do the best we can to make our product offering as comprehensive as possible. Our long term business relationships with professional and reliable companies both in the Netherlands and abroad are essential to offer you the greatest value possible.


All year round, these products are available spread over different countries in different seasons.

Because of cultivation in Southern European countries (including Spain, Italy, Greece) and in other parts of the world like South America and South Africa, we are able to provide our customers with a large range of citrus fruit from January to December.

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Soft fruit

Throughout the year we offer grapes from both European countries and countries "overseas".

Soft fruit is grown in various countries from The Netherlands to Argentina. We can offer you this fruit all year round, underlining that Orange DLS can provide you with the right products during any season.

There are also various packaging options and there is the possibility of permanent programs.

Stone fruit

Stone Fruit comes in many varieties in taste, color and size. In Orange DLS you have a perfect partner for your stone fruit, thanks to the many years of cooperation with established  leading brands. This way you are always assured of the highest quality. With them, we select the best stone fruit for our customers.


Orange DLS has its own direct import lines with qualified growers who meet the highest requirements in terms of quality.

The wide range of vegetables, both in summer and winter season, makes Orange DLS a reliable supplier. In summer we mainly have products from Dutch origin. In winter we typically import vegetables  from Spain and Israel.


Exotic fruit is defined as fruit specifically grown in subtropical countries, because the conditions in which these fruits develop are typical for a subtropical climate.

At Orange DLS exotics have been a source of infinite possibilities. Despite the great diversity of exotics, Orange DLS is able to deliver virtually any type of exotic fruit.


At Orange Direct Load Service (D.L.S.) B.V. the focused customer approach has directly translated into a large group of loyal customers. They have found that the daily staff of Orange are giving them excellent support, which is reflected in smooth and professional order handling. When 'emergency' is required, additional action is swiftly taken to make sure all is done to meet the customer’s wishes .

Besides customers, we also highly value our suppliers. Naturally, we discuss with them market demands  and also try to build long-lasting partnerships.

Through our indepth knowledge of the various products we offer, we can supply you with any information you may need. We do have contact with both large suppliers and producers of various specific products (groups).

Our extensive worldwide network benefits our customers.