Soft fruit

Soft fruit include berries, such as raspberries and blueberries. Many species are vulnerable and require a gentle treatment. Juicy and nice as they are when they are harvested, so are they when we deliver them to your door.


Grapes are also classified as soft fruit. For grapes Orange DLS is a reliable and already longstanding partner with various growers.

Throughout the year we offer grapes from both European countries and countries "overseas".

Soft fruit is grown in various countries from The Netherlands to Argentina. We can offer you this fruit all year round, underlining that Orange DLS can provide you with the right products during any season.

There are also various packaging options and there is the possibility of permanent programs.


At Orange Direct Load Service (D.L.S.) B.V. the focused customer approach has directly translated into a large group of loyal customers. They have found that the daily staff of Orange are giving them excellent support, which is reflected in smooth and professional order handling. When 'emergency' is required, additional action is swiftly taken to make sure all is done to meet the customer’s wishes .

Besides customers, we also highly value our suppliers. Naturally, we discuss with them market demands  and also try to build long-lasting partnerships.

Through our indepth knowledge of the various products we offer, we can supply you with any information you may need. We do have contact with both large suppliers and producers of various specific products (groups).

Our extensive worldwide network benefits our customers.